Who are we?

We are a student-run trampoline club based in Trinity College Dublin. The club was founded in 1982, which makes it the oldest of its kind in Ireland, as far as we know!

We have four olympic sized trampolines, along with the coaches and all the equipment necessary to run safe training sessions every week, including crash mats, push-in mats, a roof-rig, and padding everywhere.

While we don't currently offer a huge amount in terms of non-trampoline gymnastics, we do also have an airtrack for anyone who is more inclined towards tumbling, and we're always open to expanding our repetoire if we can do so safely.

Check out our video trailer to get a glimpse into what we are all about! Creative credit goes to Michael Upham, and our thanks also to SuperSonic TC for letting us use their equipment while we can't access our own.

What is trampolining?

Trampoline is a discipline of gymnastics, and an amazing sport. It lets you get fantastic exercise while having loads of fun throwing yourself up in the air! If you enjoy being athletic, meeting new people, or just taking the weight off your feet, come and give it a go!

At our training sessions, we'll take you through basic skills to make sure you're safe up there, and after that it's really up to you! If you want to start working on more interesting things like somersaults, we can get you prepped and ready for that by paving the way with easy steps, and in no time you'll be spinning and twisting as much as you like.

While our trainings primarily focus on learning and developing skills, we also make time to play games most sessions — you'll have to come along to see what those look like!

For an idea of what the professional level of the sport is, check out these clips from the finals of the World Championships a few years ago: Male Individual and Female Synchronised.

What do you look like?


We take our members' health and wellbeing very seriously. Our welfare officer is a non-committee member who acts as a source of help if you need it, in particular in relation to issues with the club or the committee. They are there for you and will be confidential if you approach them with any issues, big or small. They'll do their best to help you through whatever you might be facing. This position will be elected soon, but in the meantime you can send an email to the confidential welfare email. dutcwelfare@gmail.com

Our welfare policy is available here.

Club Committee

The committee are responsible for keeping the club running, so if you ever have a question, these are the folks you want to talk to! You can click on the images to read a bit more about them.

What else should I know?

Club Constitution

Our constitution makes up the principles and rules which the club runs by. It was most recently updated on 23rd of April, 2024, and you can read it by clicking here.